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Intensify Hair



With hair color – 15KD              For treatment    20-40KD

Olaplex seeks out the hidden damage and reinforces those bonds/making them stronger, more flexible and more bleaching or coloring hair


OXILOCK            25-45KD

OXILOCK            25-45KD

Is an exclusive treatment of organic treatment that multiples the keratine bonds, improving and reinforcing the Sulphur bridges damaged during your previous treatment by aggressive chemicals.

ALLOXI KERATINE                      20-35KD

Alloxi keratine is a treatment that strengthen and revitalizes damaged hair and restores split ends and leving the hair more


SALMON FILLER                           25-45KD

A treatment that derived from deep sea salmon, powerfully repair dry hair, help your hair back to the beauty and it help damaged hair effectively and prevent the loss of moisture and collagen, it regulate the scalp oil control and improve hair gloss that makes the hair smooth supple and shine that reappear hair vitality.


25-45KD For full repair hair treatment

50-90KD For Repair with less straight and volume                     

A treatment that repairs the damage hair especially for bleach hair color, gives shinning the hair and softness.


BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT              75-130KD

The treatment that can change your life! The most innovative and effective smoothing treatment in the world. Enjoy smooth,frizz-free manageable hair for up to 12 weeks.

PROTEIN & CHOCOLATE            50kd-90kd

A treatment that has combination of noble assets and glitter of the hair, and has an anti- oxidant actions and deep hydration, strength with wire resistance and makes the hair straight 70% and this is suitable for pregnant woman and for kids as well.